Montessori Night

Thursday on April 28 my younger sister had an event called Montessori Night in which the students from preschool through 3rd grade presented all the things that they do throughout the day at school and at such a young age. The students have evidently learned how to do things themselves without an adult’s help. Dr. Ginny Trierweller explains how letting your child learn how to fix situations themselves can not only improve their development but can also teach them how to become independent. Here are some videos of Dr. Ginny and the children giving you some more information and examples of how important it is to let your children grow and do this all by themselves!






As a journalist watching this movie Spotlight, it brought up so many great examples of being a professional and successful journalist. What I got from this movie is that sometimes you have to take risks to get what you want for the story. It’s either go big or go home and these journalists trying to get to the bigger story and find out the whole truth about these priests is incredible. They jumped through hoops trying to make everything fall into place and get the information necessary to inform the people. The way they knocked from door to door getting the scope from the neighborhood involved with the church is a very good way to get solid sources to back up the story being written and also to get proof that what The Globe is trying to inform is true. Michael Rezendes, I have to say was the most impressive journalist and the best example to show how risky it is getting the truth for your story. He was really persistent and never gave up on getting the exhibits to show some more evidence and bring the people responsible to the authorities and serve people who were abused some justice from the system. I liked how that was Robby’s main focus was not just to punish the priests who did the harm, but to bring the flaws of the system into the light and set things right.

Being a journalist with this kind of story can be both scary and a huge risk because you can only hope the people will participate in telling the real truth. There were some rejections about this subject from people and it is hard to take that rejection and keep moving forward with what comes next. Not everyone is so open to talking about delicate issues about their past or even present. One of the many things I also noticed was that people were not really open to participate because they seemed to not trust the journalists from The Globe. I have seen that reaction before in other cases because people think journalists are just there to be nosy. The trust between the reporter and source is delicate because there have been actions happen where journalists twist and change the original story and make it sound bad and the lies being said from a journalist everyone will believe. Many times that is why people reject the authorization of journalists to talk to people involved in their story.

In the end sometimes doing some true justice for people who are abused, murdered, or have just gone through a rough time is worth the jumping through hoops and doing everything in your power to do the right thing. When the story from The Globe was finally published it brought the courage and bravery of people involved to shed some more truth and have them tell their side of the story. Most of the time people don’t get that sense of justice that was served and have people open up and say it is okay.

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Why some publishers are killing their comment sections: blog post

Having a comment section on any site can have both positive and negative outcomes. To me having people express their mind to anything I have posted online would be immediately terminated, I would not allow the people access to have a comment section on the material I have worked hard to write and share with the public. Let me tell you why, no one really likes bad reviews or comments on your material in the first place so why have a comment section? The negative comments are always the ones that tend to stick with you because they are the most effective and they make you wonder what you did that was so wrongly written. Commenting negatively can be a serious risk for anyone and like Craig Newman, Chicago Sun-Times managing editor mentions “there’s got to be a better place we can offer people to interact without comments taking away from the article or denigrating the people who are reported on”, and he makes a good point but I really don’t think there are many sites that have a that kind of system and people just seem to show no shame in downgrading a person any more.

Another part of the issue is when someone comments a threat or is just people plain rude to a person in their comment section how are they held fully responsible when they  might not even use their legal name or information. There are many people who have multiple accounts and use different names to identify themselves as someone different and even use a random picture that is also not theirs and they use that account to disrupt the peace among writers and civil people trying to read an article or a story. The person who wrote that media piece has a right to put a stop to this and can also avoid being bullied by people who like to cause havoc among others. Ricardo Bilton makes a clear statement about people not using their real names and that no platform can fix comments by itself. People who negatively putting people down on purpose do not know how much of an impact they can put on people, some people don’t even know their own strength.

Medium CEO Ev Williams wrote “one of the worst things about writing in the public is fielding random ad hominem attacks and penis enlargement spam in the space in which you’ve poured out your precious thoughts”, like I had mentioned before no one likes to read bad comments they get on their writing and publishers who kill their comment section are doing the right thing in avoiding chaos and degrading of their own opinions and thoughts, they shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves when being expressive in their writing. Medium is one that does not have comments and is opting instead for a “notes” system that seeks to avoid the abuses common to comment sections, and is an article about why Medium notes are different and how to use them well.

Tumblr also does a great job of showing how not having a comment section is the best way to go. It has also not allowed comments since its launch and only has the option to re-blog posts. CEO David Karp says that its re-blogs system is a way to avoid “the world of horrible Internet awfulness.” Of course, there are people who disagree with not letting people express themselves by not having a comment section, but the aspect of it is no one has to put up with people negativity and awfulness like Karp says and most people will always have a different opinion from your writing whether it’s good or bad, everyone has the choice to let people express their thoughts in the comment section or not have one at all.

Jackie Barton and the developmental world of a Social Worker

5 Questions

Jackie Barton is an Administrative Assistant III in the King Center at the Community College of Denver, but also handles attending classes at Metropolitan State University for her Master’s degree in social work.

How is it that you became interested in social work? 

So I did my undergrad with two majors and one was psychology and I wanted a break from school for maybe a year. I really only planned to take a year and then the economy tanked and I saw people coming to CCD who were doctors of psychology who couldn’t find work. I always had reservations about psychology, which is that it sees people as very negative focused or pathology focused. Pathology is a what’s wrong or a sickness or a disease and it tends to focus on talking about the past and be very long term. It’s focused on what’s wrong and not what’s right with the person in a nut shell and it has a little bit of a negative focus.Then I discovered after I was out of school for a couple years I had graduated with my bachelor’s and I took some art classes that I realized Metro had a new Master’s program in Social Work and I hadn’t really known what that was about, but when I researched it I realized it was strength focused, so it’s focused on what’s right with people and their strength and building on that instead of concentrating on what’s wrong with the person and it’s also very action focused, so it’s like what do we need to do to get you where you want to be? and that’s when I realized that was a much better fit for me.

What is your focus on in the field of social work and how would you describe it?

I want to be a Forensics Social Worker working in corrections, which is relatively new. My passions are reintegration and reentry. You’re really changing laws that would benefit society and offenders more. Social work takes into consideration the person’s ecosystem so they know that what’s wrong with the person can have a lot to do with their social situation, their family dynamics, the society they live in and the structure, their norms and rules, the problems in their society and all these other factors. For example, did they grow up in poverty, did they grow up with the same educational opportunities, or did they grow up in an abusive situation and not everything is just solely because the person has character flaws. Social work is also very broad and we can do a lot of different things in social work, you can work with varied populations , every age group and all kinds of different social problems like drug abuse, child protection, geriatric, hospital social work, school social work, or even prisons and your options are just limitless.


What is the most important thing you have learned from this field?

To keep an open mind. Basically, that means do not assume anything about anybody based on their looks, their background, their ethnicity, their race because there’s variation within, there are cultural commonalities, but there are variations within every family and every person is unique. Unconditional positive regard is the other thing, it’s very powerful but I always knew that. You don’t ever judge your clients, ever. It doesn’t do you any good, it doesn’t do them any good, there’s no purpose to it, but it will do some harm if you do it.


Do you think social work overpowers any other treatment? 

Social work isn’t a treatment, it’s a field, better yet it’s an approach. There’s all kinds of treatment moralities, they’re all specific to different disorders and evidence based practices are very important now like you have to show that it’s one that works for your population or what your treating. There’s a website called, it’s a substance abuse and mental health services administration site. Under programs and campaigns is the national registry of evidence based programs and practices and under here you can look for an intervention and you can look up all the disorder you want to treat like PTSD or anxiety or you can look up the therapy. It should pull up all the ones that they’ve done a review on, there’s old ones and ones they’ve reviewed recently. It also shows the programs with effective outcomes, others with promising, and some that were ineffective.

What do you hope to accomplish from being a social worker? 

My goal is to teach everybody to be their own therapist so they can be self sufficient. Also to help people change their lives and to help people suffer less and feel more joy. I also want to change laws regarding sentencing, over incarceration , and over sentencing.

The Giant Pool of Money Podcast

There were many interesting and definitely effective parts while listening to this podcast and in it they seemed to capture the real sides of the story line and I like the way they let the people involved in this to talk, which made it seem all that more effective. Knowing how much money there is out there in the world to invest in is ridiculously interesting and jaw dropping. Listening to all the valuable facts these people had to say about the global pool of money I never knew about or heard of, I try to not really listen to economical related subjects due to the people sometimes being or I should say most of the time are greedy. In the podcast they give many real life examples of people who were given loans and were not exactly in good standing to be given money. The banks were reading the wrong data chart on all these people receiving money who according to the professionals giving the exclusive information were not only not qualified, but were not providing the money loans from their own business.

With the acts provided throughout this informative podcast, the reason it was also so effective was because of the real life stories provided that involved some big businesses like Wall-street. The thing with money is that people think it is the most important thing in the world. The global pool of money now is about seventy trillion dollars in the entire country. That money includes veteran monthly reimbursements and basically money to just spend on other beneficial businesses that will earn the pile of that global money even more money. The fact that there is so much money that is not being put to good use is so sad and greedy because they keep it all to themselves. While listening to all the interesting stories from these important people in this podcast, it made me think about how much the economic system is all out of wack and sets people to take out loans and owe the country more money than they already do with all their personal and basic human necessities. This economic system is set to put people in debt and possible failure to fully pay back their loans. This podcast is a well recorded example about the crisis with money is and what really happens with pools of money in the United States.

Also there is the fact that throughout the data there is proof that the companies handing out loans to the people cause them a lot of money and work to pay back what they owe. In the data you can see how there have been some times where people have been very consistent with making their payments and then going off track and then coming back to their normal routine. People are struggling to fulfill their payments and are not being treated fairly either. It seems to me that in this podcast the people giving their stories related to this topic expand and help notice the important aspect of the global pool of money.If you would like to listen to this podcast yourself and also broaden your knowledge and inform yourself click on the link provided,  Giant Pool of Money

Kristi Strother Podcast

Throughout the podcast about Kristi Strother’s perspective on selective exposure and the spiral of silence there was a lot to be mentioned about both subjects, but what really stood out the most for me was when she started broadening her answers about what selective exposure means. I definitely agree with her statements of people being so hooked onto certain things in the media like magazines, music, sports, news, etc. and everyone seems to tie back and choose the things that support one’s beliefs and values. We as a society never really expose ourselves to different and new things because we are afraid of change and feeling out of the normal from our daily routine and things that we are used to. I loved the example she used about the radio stations you choose in the car and how there is specifically five or six stations we normally always listen to and that we like. Someone who listens to Rock n Roll constantly does not think that he/she should maybe listen to country music instead on that day. Thinking about that concept really made me think about how much and how many times people only look for media that relate to themselves and how they are exposed to the world. In the podcast there was also a lot of reference to this generation’s youth and Kristi seemed to be worried about how the youth now is exposed to so much news and she thinks that they we are not as informed about the media as they are. In fact, I think that we are the most informed about everything throughout media because we are constantly on our phones looking at everything and reading everything as well. I know I don’t only look at one part or aspect of media; I look at several different aspects. Check out Kristi Strother’s podcast, it’s very fascinating to get a professional view from a journalist and chair professor of journalism at the Community College of Denver, here is the link! Kristi Strother (Pro Journalist) Podcast

My funky diet final day #7

Last day of this unique and weirdly organized meal plan. I am honestly ready to be done with this experiment and start a new one. Today for my breakfast I had fresh fruit with natural yogurt and to add a new kick I topped it with some cinnamon. This breakfast was a little different because I added the cinnamon but it was a good different. For lunch I was a bit surprised at what was listed, which was a new food bowl I have never heard of before called Bowl Barramundi. This bowl contains no cheese or beans and instead I added Barramundi, which is a type of fish and extra guacamole.  Thankfully for dinner as my reward for completing this insanity of a healthy diet, I get to choose my dinner and have whatever I would like, I think I’ll be having quesadillas with guacamole sauce and sour cream. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things when you dedicate your time and effort into any task and the one important thing you should always remember is to have the guts to stay dedicated. Preparing myself for this task was both hard and life changing because I never expected myself to finish and complete the diet. The results of this experiment were positive becasue I did end up losing eight pounds and I think that if I had done a little more exercise and pushed myself to do that I would have lost even more weight. Although I do feel the same and I feel as if nothing has changed, I would not repeat this diet because it did not work for me as I hoped it would have. There are other things that I could consider that being maybe a whole new other diet and different workout routines prepared. Overall, this was an interesting and a life learning experience that I certainly will not forget and now I have gained knowledge of what I should not eat on a regular basis and what else to include in my meals.


My funky diet day #6

I have almost completed my diet and I am looking forward to going back and adjusting some changes to my normal routine, instead of strictly dedicating to foods that will help me lose weight throughout the seven days, but enjoy my meals and not feel forced into anything. I think can manage more change to my daily meals. Today’s daily agenda said to have a NAKED juice smoothie for breakfast with six juices and also other ingredients added, but sugar is not one of them. This juice is as the label says a “power-C machine.” The next meal of the day was lunch, but I think you will find it just as strange as I did. I had a bag of trail mix, the diet let me select whatever trail mix I preferred and also another berry yogurt smoothie an hour before lunch and then had some sliced tomato and sliced boiled potato . To me this was a bit strange, but made sense because maybe it needed to go with the breakfast portion of it. For dinner I got to add something different to the meal and added sliced french style beans with the only two boiled eggs this time and some tomato. I always like more variety and color to my foods. I am actually happy today is the second to last day of this diet. I can start bringing more healthy things and definitely greens to my foods and even make them for my family with my own taste and ingredients. My mom agrees on making a change to all our meals with her having accompany me throughout this diet she has also seen how important it has been. Creating a healthier environment really makes a difference not just for your health but self esteem as well. You are only in control of your body and only you can make the change if you wish to have more energy in your day and just feel proud of yourself for dong something good for your body.

My funky diet day #5

It is Tuesday and today I’ve had more liquid than I have ever had in a day. For breakfast I had two LALA yogurt smoothies that contained mixed berries. Lunch was a bit more solid and I had tomato slices with three boiled eggs. And lastly, for dinner I had an organic Mama Chia vitality beverage that was cherry lime flavored. Today’s protein was not what I expected it to be becasue I have been frequently drinking coffee with my breakfast. It did feel a bit less satisfying but definitely more flavorful becasue of the fruit flavored drinks. I have to be honest and mention that I almost felt like I should eat something with more meat and that will satisfy my stomach, but I could not. After all the progress I have made so far I did not want to break it now, now that I am close to finishing my goal. I notice now why people my age or any age hate to go on diets because no one is completely satisfied with their foods and they want some of the food that is bad for your system.Although that is what got me to follow this diet myself was all the unhealthy food and unnecessary snacking products like Hot Cheetos, candy, etc. Now that I’ve committed to sticking with my meal plan I can make a difference with myself and maybe even inspire someone else to try it. I also notice that with each meal I present myself with it is the right portion of things anyone should regularly be eating to stay healthy, but with so many different foods and flavors created in the world who cannot resist wanting them. It may be hard to dedicate your time and effort to creating healthier foods for your system but it definitely is worth it although it may be a struggle.

My funky diet day #4

Today on this tiring Monday I had to wake up early and make myself the next three meals for my day. For breakfast I started out with a new kick to my protein, when I read my list of the diet I noticed there was something different listed from what I thought I would have. I ended up preparing toast with strawberry jam and I added soy milk to my coffee this time. I realized the meal for breakfast changed from that dull black coffee and biscuit. My lunch part of the day seemed a bit more creative and delicious. I had a salad with only lettuce and carrots, the meal plan allowed me to add ranch or Italian dressing but only a small portion. The last meal of the day was a bit more of what I expected, which was a sliced boiled potato and a sliced tomato with no other ingredients added of course. Now that it’s been the forth day I am more confident in eating the meals of this diet and I am also less tempted to eating sugar or other foods containing more carbs than what I am eating now. Also having someone help me along the way and not give up and finish my goal is a bonus because I have someone I can relate with. Treating yourself to meals that are more nutritious for you can help you gain so much confidence and boost your energy for the day. I know that sometimes I get so tired of having the same routine with work and college assignments that I have to complete. So having something different in my day helps motivate me to keep up my good deeds for myself and embrace something in me that I didn’t know existed. Always open your mind to new possibilities and you might surprise yourself with what you can do.